Neutralizes COVID-19

Influenza Virus, Germs, Bacteria, Protozoa and other harmful microorganisms
Instantly breaking down their DNA/RNA naturally without using heavy metals chemicals, without consumables!

Sterilization 99.9999%, with one click

Hotels |  Offices |  Medical Clinics |  Schools |  Restaurants |  Gyms |  Cafes |  Buses |  TAXI

and in every indoor public area

Sterilize Surgically in just 5 minutes, each Hotel Room,Show More or other accommodation such as Airbnb, before check-in, but also during daily housekeeping.. We recommend to supply each maid with a UVC STERILIZER PRO+ PULSE and an OZONE STERILIZER PRO+ For larger rooms, a longer sterilization duration of more than 5 minutes is recommended.

Sterilize surgically every Office, Meeting Room and other public areas in your company.Show More We recommend to supply each maid with at least one UVC STERILIZER PRO+PULSE HERMES BRIEFCASE  .

Sterilize Surgical Restaurants, Cafes, Gyms and Every Dining Area. Show MoreWe recommend to supply each maid with at least one UVC STERILIZER PRO+ PULSE HERMES BRIEFCASE.

Sterilize Surgically Tourist Buses, TAXI, Tourist Van and any other public transportation. Show MoreSterilization shall last according to the size of the vehicle and shall be carried out by the driver of the vehicle, with a power supply directly from the vehicle's 12Volt supply lighter. Sterilization may take place after each passenger or at another time desired by the user. It is recommended to supply each vehicle with a UVC STERILIZER PRO+ PULSE ARIS BRIEFCASE.

Open businesses

  Open your business immediately

  Regain the trust of your customers

  Offer upgraded health and safety services to your staff and customers

Automatically sterilize during the hours you are not operating, remotely from your mobile phone

  Sterilize your business vehicle after each route

See how it works

Sterilization takes just 5 minutes with the touch of a button

    UVC Sterilizer Pro+ PULSE, with pulsed UVC, during its operation emits large loads of UVC radiation throughout the surrounding area, sterilizing all surfaces and air exposed to radiation.

With touch of a button, UVC radiation is emitted in a 360 degrees direction. It sterilizes and neutralizes Viruses such as COVID-19, Influenza Virus, Germs, Bacteria, Protozoa such as Mites and other harmful microorganisms, which are resistant even to chlorine.

During a session of just 5 minutes and at a distance of 14 meters from the sterilizer (circle diameter 28 meters), the virus is bombarded with 300 times multiple UVC radiation,than the one that destroys it according to international laboratory studies and international literature.

Pulsed 360-degree UVC radiation emission, within a radius of 14 meters circular (28 meters circle diameter) around the sterilizer, with total coverage of 615 square meters

All surfaces exposed to the powerful "light" of UVC radiation are sterilized and disinfected by 99.9999% [6 Log], the radiation is so intense that it instantly penetrates into the DNA/RNA of all living organisms, disrupting their reproductive capacity, making them completely inactive and harmless.

The power of the Pulsed sterilizer is one million eight hundred and seventy-five thousand times (1,875,000) higher, compared to common sterilizers with fluorescent-type UVC lamps.

UVC radiation sterilization is widely used abroad for mainly sterilization of hospitals.

Sterilization without blind spots

In rare cases where UVC radiation cannot reach due to large barriers in space, we recommend the use of  OZONE Sterilizer PRO as well , which converts natural oxygen (O2)into ozone gas (O3).

Emits 28mg Ozone (O3)per hour, sterilizing all surfaces and air exposed to ozone.

The gas penetrates everywhere even in inaccessible "blind" spots, which cannot be reached by UVC radiation, such as behind a screen or inside footwear.

Sterilization is done naturally, is throughout on all Surfaces and Air, without the slightest use of cleaners, chemicals or other consumables, while leaving no residue behind!

No specific knowledge or special training of the staff handling the sterilizers is required, nevertheless the instructions manual and protocols should be followed respectively.

See how it works

UVC STERILIZER PRO+ PULSE with multiple sterilization power

Sterilization with UVC and OZONE Sterilizers is ecological. No chemicals or other cleaners are used and does not leave residues

Eco-friendly and Environmentally Friendly
No Chemicals
Vegan Cleaning
No Animal Experiments
Antibacterial Protection

UVC Sterilizers PRO+ PULSE effectively neutralize organisms that survive even in their direct contact with chroline.

Welcome the new era in business hygiene and safety, with zero cost of cleaners and consumables offering upgraded health and safety services to your staff and customers

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