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A repeat session of five minutes per 100-200 square meters is recommended.

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The use of the UVC STERILIZER PRO+ PULSE ZEUS ROBOT NEXT GENERATION sterilizes twice the power of the HERMES BRIEFCASE model.

It offers throughout sterilization of 99.9999% (illustrates the maximum laboratory measurement of 6-Log), on all surfaces and air, exposed to UVC radiation, neutralizing Viruses such as COVID-19, Influenza Virus, Germs, Bacteria, Protozoa such as Mites and others, without the slightest use of cleaners, chemicals or other consumables! No specific knowledge or training of the staff handling sterilizers is required, nevertheless all safety guidelines should apply according to the user manual.

Ideal for Hotels, Offices, School Classes, Restaurants, Cafes, Clinics and generally in every public indoor area.



  • The UVC STERILIZER PRO+ PULSE ZEUS ROBOT NEXT GENERATION,with pulsed UVC, during operation emits large UVC radiation loads throughout the surrounding area, sterilizing all surfaces and air exposed to radiation.
  • The effectiveness of sterilization depends entirely on the exposure of surfaces to radiation. You should place the sterilizer in places where radiation is not prevented from reaching the surfaces you wish to sterilize.
  • In order to avoid the inability to sterilize "blind" spots, it is recommended the combined use of the OZONE sterilizer (O3)STERILIZER 28G. The use of Ozone Sterilizer is only permitted if entirely ventilation is possible after the completion of the sterilization session. Ozone is a toxic gas and is not allowed to be used by people with respiratory issues. The ozone should not be inhaled by humans or animals for a duration of more than 2 minutes per day.
  • The sterilizer is very simple to use by any adult user, either with the touch of a button, or with remote control, or even remotely managed by your Android and Apple phone, planning the days and hours of operation that you will automatically perform sterilizations.


Attention! UVC radiation is harmful to humans and animals! When the sterilizer is operating there should be a complete absence of humans and animals from the specific area!

UVC radiation stops instantly as soon as the device is switched off and there is no absolute risk to humans or animals entering the area. For safety reasons, the sterilizer is equipped with dual artificial intelligence systems, to automatically switch off its operation instantly if it detects a moving person or animal in the room. While it automatically re-operates immediately after the human or animal is removed from the area. Ideal for Hotels, Cafes, School Classes, Restaurants, Cafes, Clinics and generally in every indoor area.




Level 6-LOG sterilization (99.9999%).
Pulsed UVC 360 degree radiation emission.

Indicated sterilization session time 5 minutes.

During the first second of use we have a disinfection level of type "1-LOG", i.e. destruction of 90% of the microbial and bacteriological load in the room, during the second second we have a disinfection level "2-LOG", i.e. 99% of the microbial and bacteriological load in the room is destroyed. For each second of operation, the sterilizer emits 100% of the total radiation dose that is needed to disable Covid-19 viruses. (Sars-CoV-2 RNA monoclonal virus).

The power of pulsed sterilizer is more than multiple, compared to common sterilizers with UVC fluorescent lamps.

During a session of just five (5) minutes, the virus is bombarded with three hundred (300) times multiple UVC radiation,than the one that destroys it according to international laboratory studies and international literature.

During a session of just five (5) minutes and 1 meter away from the sterilizer, the virus is bombarded more than five million times (5,000,000) multiple UVC radiation doses, according to international laboratory studies and international literature. (see more on the Evidence page)

In particular, the viruses like Covid-19 are deactivated as soon as they receive cumulative radiation of 16,000μJ (microjoule) throughout a sterilization session.

The sterilizer emits every one (1) second the total UVC radiation required in total to disable the virus, bringing in just five minutes, three hundred (300) lethal doses of radiation against the Virus.

The distance of the sterilizer from the sterilization area plays a crucial role, as the farther an object is from the sterilizer, the greater the amount of radiation is required to disable viruses, while the closer it is to the sterilizer, the greater its sterile capacity is.

Environmentally friendly, does not contain mercury or other hazardous chemical components like the ones that UVC fluorescent lamps have,

User-friendly controlingthrough the control dashboard. A mushroom-type safety button is included for immediate shutdown, safety lock for children, and unauthorized users.

Control with long-range remote control without requiring visual contact with the sterilizer (also operated behind a closed door)

Manage through Android App and iOS App,mobile and tablet apps, with the ability to immediately start a sterilization session with countdown timer, schedule automatic start and end at different times within the same day, or on specific days, weeks, month, etc.

Schedule, timer, loop repeat to automatically perform disinfection without the user having to be present.



Additional Information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 160 cm
UVC Type:

UVC Pulsed Sterilizer, 6-LOG Level Sterilization (99.99999%).
Pulsed UVC 360 degree radiation emission

Ozone Type:

Current voltage:

Power supply from simple 220 Volt - 3200 watts household socket

Consumables Type:

Sterilizers need absolutely no consumables to operate.
UVC lamps yield 100% of their power for a period of 1000 hours.
After the end, the emission of radiation gradually decreases. Maximum performance requires the replacement of the Pulsed UVC lamp.

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